1936 Elgin Bluebird
Original Condition.

Elgin Twin 60
Top of the Twinbar line
Original Conditon.

1936 Skylark in
Original Condition.

1940 Elgin 4-Star Sport
Original Condition.

1940 Elgin TwinBar 40
Original Condition.

Elgin Robin in
original condition.

1936 Elgin Oriole

1940 Elgin Twin 20
Restored Conditon.

1940 TwinBar 4-Star Deluxe
This one has a thin coat of
house paint on it.

1935 Elgin BlackHawk

1937 Elgin Robin
Awesome Restoration.

1940 Girls Elgin

1937 Bluebird in
Original Condition,
awaits bars and a boys seat.
1937 Elgin BlueBird
Restored Condition

Elgin Twin 50
awaits some attention...
Restored Bluebird
Wanted: Deluxe ELGIN Bikes
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